If you love your alcohol, you know that the finest alcohol bottles are the ones you’ll proudly love to put on display on your liquor cabinet. Whether empty or full, some of these alcohol bottles are a beauty to behold. They come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. A good example are the ever uniquely designed mini patron bottles.

So rather than just focus on how best to use the full bottles, you could repurpose empty ones too, rather than throw them away. In this post, we’ll examine really cool ideas on how to use these beautiful mini patron bottles.

Mini kitchen storage containers

It’s almost impossible that repurposing empty containers won’t find applications in the kitchen. These mini patron bottles have their size going for them and can make great mini storage containers. Rather than reach out for that large bag of sugar or large bottle of olive oil, you can pour little quantities into these mini patron bottles. It’ll also help you measure ingredient quantities.

However, remember to label them right, so someone else does not mistake your new olive oil container for an inviting shot of alcohol.

Spice shakers

Do you naturally have a sweet tooth or love your meals extra spicy and tasty? Use these empty mini patron bottles to mix your favorite spices together and leave them on your kitchen counter or dining table. Instead of always reaching to add a mix of different spices to your meals, now you’ve got a really cool homemade spice mix.

Bud vase

Large flower vases have their place in home interior décor, but it doesn’t undermine the aesthetic feel of a simple bud vase. Since empty mini patron bottles have an attractive design, why not turn them into bud vases. If you’re a romantic at heart, use these patron bottle bud vases to decorate your next breakfast-in-bed tray. Bud vases also make a great addition to bar shelves and kitchen counters.


Patron bottles come in different colors and shapes. This gives them amazing reflective capabilities. Get your DIY caps on and drill holes in the bottle caps. Push in your regular lights and watch it glow within the bottles. If you’re a patron bottle collector, you should be able to make a long string of light to decorate indoor and outdoor events at night.


There’s no doubting the beauty of these mini patron bottles. Rather than just throw them away, they can be used as excellent bookend options. They have the necessary weight to support the books, and they make the shelf or table look amazing. Don’t be afraid to add in some lights, if you have any.


If you love the designs of traditional candlestick holders, then you can get creative with patron bottles. Look for bottles with a flat cap and turn them over. Place your candlestick on the bottom of the bottle and watch it burn with a reflective glare.


Mini patron bottles deliver amazing shots of alcohol. Their unique design makes them a perfect candidate for home décor, if you know how to use them. The post examines several ideas on how to turn these empty mini patron bottles into masterpieces. If you love any of the ideas but don’t have many empty mini patron bottles, who says you can’t order empty bottle designs for suppliers?

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