The mechanical bull is also known by various other names such as bucking bronco or rodeo bull. In Spanish it is called “toro mecanico en venta”. Mechanical bulls are not the invention of the modern era. However, they have been used in the past for training rodeo competitors.

The purpose of using mechanical bulls as a training device for these rodeo contestants is to enable them to ride a real bull when required without any trouble. In this way, rodeo competitors and live bulls are protected from harm.

Nowadays, these mechanical bulls are not only used for rodeo training but also recreational purposes. In 1930, they were first used for fun at Bertrand Island Amusement Park in New Jersey. These mechanical bulls were famous as “Ride ‘Em Cowboy” in that area.

These are primarily used in clubs and bars as a means of entertainment. Over time, several modifications have been made to the mechanical bull. For children’s play, mechanical bulls with a one-minute rotation timer have been introduced, as continuously rotating rodeo bulls are not safe for children.

Structure Of Mechanical Bulls:

Structures of mechanical bulls vary widely on the basis of their use. For example, the rodeo bulls that are destined for recreational purposes usually contain the following components:

  • A saddle
  • A model head of a bull with horns

Mechanical bulls are designed to mimic the feeling of riding a bull or bucking a horse. An electric motor is linked with the artificial bull for its movement. This motor can be quickly stopped when required.

The rotation of rodeo bulls is highly adjustable. Mechanical bulls start rotating slowly and then gradually speed according to the rider’s demand. The bull is placed on a soft padded surface to protect the rider from harm.

How To Ride A Mechanical Bull?

Riding a mechanical bull is not as easy as it seems. Mechanical bulls can be fun rides for most daring people. Youngsters prefer to ride fast rotating mechanical bulls as a dare. To have a safe mechanical bull, you should know certain things. We have mentioned some tips for riding a mechanical bull.


Mechanical bull riding is all about balance. Maintaining a balanced posture is the essential requirement of riding a mechanical bull. You can focus on the head of the bull to obtain an accurate balance.

Avoid looking somewhere else. Otherwise, you will lose your balance and fall on the padded floor of the machine. Mechanical bull riding require counterbalance. It means your body has to move opposite to the bull movement.

A Place To Hold:

You should know what to hold on to while riding a mechanical bull. Usually, there is a saddle and rope attached to the bull. You should sit near the head of the bull and put your feet on the saddle. You can grab the rope to maintain balance.


It would be best if you always observed other people riding a mechanical bull. This will provide you with pro tips for riding this machine. You can follow the tactics performed by the successful mechanical bull rider.


If you are going to ride a mechanical bull for the first time, you can take help from this article. Another tip you should remember is to avoid wearing a dress pent while riding a mechanical bull.


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