An Android TV box is a mini box that transforms your LCD TV into an entertainment system. Bring Netflix to your television and enjoy your favorite content- thanks to the Android TV box.

Android TV boxes have gained massive popularity. They offer you tons of features at a super affordable price. Whether you want to watch a movie or listen to music, the Android TV box is all you need. Not only this, you can shop online or enjoy posts on your social media accounts.

Android is continuously updating its range of TV boxes to bring the best one for its customers. Among all Android TV boxes, the most popular is superbox s2 Pro. With no monthly fees, this bestseller saves your budget while allowing you to enjoy 1000 free HD channels and 20,000 movies. Isn’t that astonishing? Its endless games will fascinate you. But that’s not all; a 7-day playback feature ensures that you watch all matches and news.

With plenty of different TV boxes available, finding the best one is not easy. However, there are a few features that will help you in choosing the best Android TV box.

Let’s dive in!

High resolution

When it comes to resolution, select the model with high-quality resolution. It is worth noting that affordable Android TV boxes don’t come with high resolution. Some of the old models offer a 720p resolution, which is low-quality. That means you won’t get high-quality videos. Consequently, many Android TV boxes come with 1080p resolution via HDMI. If you want to watch Netflix or YouTube, go for a model that outputs 4k. Make sure your LCD is compatible with 4k. Plus, your Wi-Fi connection is fast.

Operating System Version

Another worth-mentioning point is to determine the version of the operating system. It is advisable to select an android TV box compatible with higher versions than Android 5.0. Old versions are outdated, and you will face issues in installing new apps.


Storage memory is an integral part of an Android TV box. The higher the storage, the more you can download files. Ideally, the box should have 32 GB of storage. Furthermore, many android boxes are compatible with external storage of a minimum of 64 GB. Connect it to other media players and stream content. Many Android TV boxes support KODI- a hub of entertainment. It can function on your TV, phone or any other electronic device. And yes, you can customize it to suit your preference.

Product reviews

Lastly, you must read reviews of the product before buying it. It is always good to read testimonials of other customers. They help you in decision-making. You can visit their official website to check reviews of the particular product. Also, connect with other customers on different forums such as Quora. Always stay one step ahead.

Final Verdict

Android TV boxes offer plenty of features to satisfy all your entertainment needs. The best thing is they are affordable. So, you know features to look for in an Android box. You can compare different options and find a TV box that meets your requirements.

Buy yourself the best Android TV box and dive into the world of movies and music.


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