Bathroom vanities are such a big deal when it comes to your bathroom interior design. The toilet may bet the royal throne but the bathroom vanity is the centerpiece of the room. Because of this, you should get a centerpiece that is not only stylish but also makes a statement.

If you plan to remodel your bathroom, the options available may overwhelm you as bathroom vanity units come in a wide variety of colors, texture, models, shapes, and sizes. We’re here to help limit your options by giving you a heads up on what is hot and what is not. Here is a list of the most common trends right now when it comes to bathroom vanity units:


As far as colors go, classic white still remains on top of what is trending. This is easy to see since it can match any theme you are going for. This means you can change the rest of the bathroom and the bathroom vanity unit will still fit in. People are also moving towards solid dark colors like browns for a house with a wooden theme and blacks for modern and sleek designs.

Bathroom Vanity

Stone is in

Granite and marble are classic countertop material for bathroom vanity units because of its elegance and beauty. But now, more people are using natural stones, especially for mounted basins. Natural stones can easily blend in with any classic bathroom colors.

Hanging vanities

Wall or hanging vanities seem to be the current trend these days. People are preferring wall-mounted shelving and sinks over the traditional cabinet and sink combination. Wall bathroom vanity units can easily give an illusion of your bathroom having more space and provides clean lines.

Function with style

Style does not seem to be the main priority when it comes to choosing bathroom vanities these days – especially for those who have small bathroom spaces. It is a given that you would want a bathroom vanity that looks great but at the same time, you have to prioritize its functionality as well. For instance, double vanities are trending for shared bathrooms so two people can use it together without crowding over the sink – plus it gives more storage as well.

Bathroom Vanity

Antiques as bathroom vanities

Another rising trend is the conversion of antique cabinets and shelves into bathroom vanities. Although these will definitely give a classic touch to your bathroom, take note that this is risky if you are dealing with timber. Antique timber furniture may not be able to stand up to the moisture and different temperatures of the bathroom. If you want to go for the antique look, there are manufacturers that create antique-looking bathroom vanities

Now that you know what type of bathroom vanity styles are trending, this will surely limit the options that you have in mind. Always remember to choose a color that fits your bathroom. Think of what you want to store in your bathroom so you know how much storage space you want your bathroom vanity unit to give you. With these tips in mind, you will surely find the perfect bathroom vanity unit that will fit you and your bathroom.


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