We all want to have a bathroom that looks like torn from a magazine cover, and we all think we can do it. At the same time, we are misguided by the idea that being an interior designer is the easiest job in the world – go and pick furniture. Right?

Well, if you’ve ever tried to furnish a room, then you probably know that it’s not easy to furnish a room. Balancing things, matching color schemes, not feeling cluttered or empty, doesn’t feel right.

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So being an interior designer is not that easy. And they don’t just go to myhomeware vanity and buy all the elements for your bathroom. Even when it comes to a single element like a bathroom vanity, they take the extra mile to pick the best possible one. 

How do interior designers select the best bathroom vanity?

Here’s a set of tactics they use that always help them to make the right choice:

They first settle on the layout

Before they move on to choosing fixtures, finishes, and colors, they take note of where the bathroom vanity will be located and its size. They understand the position of every element, the proportions of all the other elements, and what that means about the new bathroom vanity.

They make no compromises (style-wise)

A professional interior designer will move heaven and earth to find the right bathroom vanity to match the style of the bathroom. Unlike them, most folks tend to quit after a while and settle with the next best thing.

Then there is the thing of the faucet faucets. In most cases, professional designers choose a new matching faucet. The only exception is when the old faucet is unique, or it matches the new bathroom vanity.

They take note of your needs and expectations

They know that design is never everything and that the practical aspects are evenly important. They ask questions like the number of storage spaces you need, the number of people who will use the bathroom, if there are any kids in the household, things you plan to store in the bathroom vanity, and pretty much anything they find relevant to the matter.

That’s what you should, too. Take note of all that, and make sure that you include it when you make the final selection.

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The vanity top is key

The perfect vanity top needs to be stylish, provide plenty of space, and made of durable material that can withstand cosmetics, soaps, water splashes, as well as splashes from other hygiene products. 

Vanity tops such as quartzite are easy to maintain and very durable. Plus, it is quite resistant to heat from curling irons and flat irons. Tile tops might look good, but the maintenance can be quite extensive as grout lines require regular cleaning. 

A wood top might look extraordinary, but it’s porous. The only way around it is to encapsulate it with resin. 

In Conclusion

Armed with the knowledge acquired here, and with some luck on your side, you can find the most matching vanity for your bathroom. And yes, that will require some persistence from your side, but the result will be worth the effort.


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