That you are thinking of the best way to scan a book already shows some importance in the result. Normally, you may already know about the usual phone apps that help you scan your books rather easily. All that you require is to have a good phone, take great pictures at the right angles, and leave the software to do the rest. If you do not already know, examples of this software include Adobe and others. However, no matter how sharp your phone camera is, you can never compare the quality of the scanned copy with that of a good Scanner. There are many things that can go wrong when you are scanning on your mobile device. The Ray of light may shift for a little moment or your hands may shake without you knowing. If you are scanning a book with bulky pages, you will have made this mistake somewhere in the middle unknowingly. Needless to say, starting again is a painful experience.

Instead of trusting your mobile device, there are other ways to scan a book, which of course, involves using a scanner. Scanners do not assure you of a 100% Scan success rate. But if you arrange things the right way, you can rest assured that there will be minimal mistakes. In a case where there is an error, you can sight it immediately and make corrections. You would not have to wait till the end before you start discovering mistakes. This article is your step by step guide on the best ways to scan a book with a scanner. If you follow these steps, you will hardly make any mistakes.

Determine the Book you want to Scan and measure

Books come in different sizes. Therefore, to stay informed you need to get the book you want to scan. If you are scanning one book, you are lucky. But if you are scanning multiple books, they will most certainly come in different sizes. And scanners are not papers that you can buy for different sizes. What you can do is to measure each one of the books to know the smallest and the largest size. That way, you can know the type of scanner to buy.

Get an appropriate scanner

An appropriate scanner has to be a scanner that has the exact size of the book you want to scan or larger. However, that is not the only requirement. The appropriate scanner needs to come from a reputable brand. Also, while you are trying to buy the best scanner for the job, do well to check for a scanner warranty.

Remove bookbinding

You can not scan a book with its binding. So the first thing you want to do is to remove the binding one by one. After that, try to detach each page individually. Also, you will need to check each page for glues and other harmful substances. These substances can damage your scanner if the touch it. You do not want to ruin your scanner because of one project.

Arrange books in sequence

While you are detaching each page, remember to number it accordingly. You can scan from the back to the front or from the front to the back. All you need is to ensure you are in order. After that, you can scan. Remember to scan each page individually so you can have a quality job.


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