Centrifugal pumps may be strong and sturdy, but that does not make them immune to damage. These types are usually used in places that require heavy mechanical structures used to pump different types of Fluids for diverse purposes. These liquids have different thicknesses and thermal properties. As such, the thickness and thermal properties of the liquids will affect the centrifugal pumps. To protect the centrifugal pumps, diverse types of valves are usually used in mechanical systems. These valves are always differentiated by many factors, including the actuators. You can have an electric control valve, a pneumatic controlled valve, and hydraulic control. The electrically controlled valve will have its process controlled by the electric motor in the system. The hydraulic and pneumatic controls work with a non-compressible medium and a compressible medium, respectively. Another way to differentiate the different types of valves is through their functions. Some valves work by protecting the centrifugal pumps with minimum flow control. This type of valve ensures that the flow entering the pump is maintained at a certain level.

Minimum flow valves control any type of liquid flow, which in turn will protect and extend the lifespan of the centrifugal pump. Minimum flow pumps are not the only options you have when it comes to choosing a valve for your centrifugal pumps. However, amongst other valve options, it stands out as the best. Because whether the liquid is very thick or it is coming at a very high temperature, it has little chance of damaging the valve as long as the flow is controlled. This is not the only advantage of using a Minimum Flow Valve. There are other benefits of choosing this valve, which we will be discussing in this guide.

You do not need a different actuator

The actuator of any valve is the main component of the valve. All valves work with a modulator to carry out their duties. That modulator can come as a ball or a piston. The modulator is responsible for controlling and signaling the valve. Therefore the valve will not work without the modulator. The modulator is usually controlled by an actuator. Without the actuator in place, your modulator is only a device. Luckily, with a minimum flow valve, you do not need to have any new actuator.

The valve was constructed with mechanical processes

If you have bought some terrible items from manufacturers that do not care about the end-user when they are making their products. Some valves have been reported to have been made with plastics and will only damage on the first use. However, most minimum flow Valves, as long as you have bought from a reliable producer will be made out of purely mechanical processes.

It is easy to maintain the minimum control of Valve

When you are buying any mechanical instrument, maintenance is a part that you should completely understand. For a delicate component like a valve, you need to be certain about the maintenance process of the device. You can not have a valve that you will need to maintain frequently; that will only destroy the need for the valve.


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